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Twitter stats, insights & analytics.

Track all your accounts.
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Dashbird tracks and analzes any Twitter account. Use it to gain insights on partners, competitors, friends and anyone else!

Custom Apps

Need to develop an app? We can get it done faster and more affordably than you might think! Many providers do a good job, but many make it a bigger, longer and more expensive process than it needs to be. After adding a UI/UX team, project management and other overhead, your budget is quickly exhausted.

We're a little different. Actually, 'we' is just me. I help my clients bring an app from concept to completion, including all the UI/UX and graphic design. No overhead. No large, inefficient teams. Just quality work done quickly!

Already have a design and just need a senior developer to get it done? I'm ready to jump in, as a sole contributor or part of a team. Have a larger project? I can assemble and manage a team from trusted partner developers with whom I've worked many times before.


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Our Apps

Twitter Advanced Analytics


Advanced insights and analytics for Twitter. Identify most engaged users, most popular content and everything else...for ANY Twitter account! more >

Twitter Advanced Search


The most advanced search experience for Twitter. Visual query builder, 20+ filters, location search, saved searches...too many great features to list! more >

Friend Check - who unfollowed me on Instagram and Twitter

Friend Check

Track new and lost friends and followers on Twitter and Instagram. Plus, identify inactive, spammy, popular and verified Twitter accounts. more >

Gain followers on Twitter

Fandom Link

Are you a F4F or Fandom user? Fandom Link is the best app to find and connect with like-minded people...and grow your accounts! more >

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